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After having spent most of our professional lives moving from country to country, we decided to build our family home on Mallorca. Attracted by its climate, location and nature we started an extensive search around the entire island. We stumbled on this beautiful estate in the Northern part of Mallorca. The estate is situated in the Ca’n Eixartell valley. Its buildings (most of them collapsed by now) were built at the Northern slopes of a small hill, very close to the estates of Navarra and Ca’n Guilló. The path that leads to the property was a road branch off the old road between Pollença and Campanet. The origins of the possessió are unknown. Very old deeds out of 1548 do mention Binimaimó. The first known owner, in 1657, was Llorenç Serra, whose nickname was Fava (“bean”). Our Company reflects that name: Vinyes de Ca’n Fava S.L.


The estate has a huge variety of trees. You can find Carob, Olive, Pine, Oak, Laurel, Fig, Lemon and orange trees. The estate is very close to the old town of Pollença . Our highest priority items on our bucket list were fulfilled; tranquillity, sea views and proximity to the village.


We bought the estate in May 2014 and so our adventure began. We were keen to restore the estate, respecting the history of its origins and protecting flora and fauna. In this context we also decided to use the name of the oldest known possessió on the land:  “Binimaimó


Farming and agriculture were essential characteristics of the possessiós around Pollença and as such the idea for usage of the extensive lands for a Vineyard and Olive orchard was suggested. Plantation was completed in 2015 and 2017 was our first year of production!


We are a family of five: Juliette, Michiel and our three children: Olivier, Sophie and Lidwine. Originally from Holland, we have enjoyed many different countries and cultures and on Mallorca we have found that again.

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